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Reply to multiple contacts at once

Replying to each respondent individually can be time-consuming, especially if you have the same reply for every respondent. Speed things up by recording a single reply and sending it to multiple respondents at once.

If multiple respondents have entered their email address in your contact form, you can send a mass video or audio reply (up to 100 contacts) to continue the conversation. Replying to respondents using VideoAsk will send them an email notification with a link to view and reply to your message.

Note: When you reply to respondents, the reply link that is sent to them via email notification is valid for 30 days. If a respondent clicks the reply link after 30 days have passed since you sent it, they’ll receive an error message. If this happens, we recommend replying to them again to generate a new link.

Looking to reply to respondents individually instead? Check out this article on how to reply to respondents on a one-by-one basis.


In your VideoAsk account, select the videoask you’d like to send a mass reply to.



Click Reply to many.



Select the contacts you’d like to send the reply to.



Choose whether you’d like to send a Video or Audio reply. In this example, we’ll select Video.



Before you start recording, you can write some notes or a script to remember what you want to say by enabling Notes. Don’t worry, respondents won’t see these notes.


At the top of your screen, you can choose which camera and microphone you want to use. You also have the option to record your screen, select a video from your media library, or upload a pre-recorded video.



Click Record when you’re ready.


💡Pro tip: Use the spacebar on your keyboard to start and stop recordings to help keep your eyes on the camera while recording.


Preview your video to make sure you’re happy with it and click Yes. If you’re not happy with the video, click No to re-record.



Add any overlay text to your reply message if desired, including links.


If you've added overlay text, you can choose the text size, when the text will appear, and whether to darken the video for better readability.



Choose whether to send your video response as Fit video or Fill video

Fill videos (the default) will take up the entire frame. Fit videos will show the entire width of the video.



Select the reply answer type

An Open answer type lets a respondent reply to you with a text, audio, or video message.

If you don’t want respondents to reply back, select Button and add the button text and a redirect link.



Click on contacts to review selected recipients. 


Note: Remove contacts by clicking the ⊖ icon.


When you’re ready, click Send reply.


Note: Your reply may take a moment to upload, depending on the speed of your connection. Do not close your browser window or tab until the upload has finished. If you do your respondent may receive a reply with an empty video file.

Once you’ve sent your reply, it’ll appear in your conversation with respondents.


…and respondents will receive an email notification letting them know you’ve replied to them!


💡 Tip: You can track when respondents have viewed your reply. After they've watched/listened to your video/audio reply, you'll see a "Seen" status appear in your VideoAsk account on the thumbnail of your reply. Note that when the respondent replies back to you, the "Seen" message will disappear, but by then you'll know they've seen it because they've replied!


💡Pro tip: Use tags to organize respondents and then filter by certain tags to help narrow the respondents you want to send a mass reply to.

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